Alex Bracken

Photographer, Designer, and Christ Follower

A Slow Descent

This was created as a cover for a fictional book of poetry and as a part of my AP Studio Art Portfolio.

A source image from Greta Gerwig’s “Frances Ha” was used as the original inspiration and the basis of the piece. This image was printed and scanned, along with a moving transparency slide containing dry erase marks, in order to create a digital version of the physically manipulated image. This was then printed off one final time and was cut and torn using a knife and scanned one final time.

While this was an exploration of a process, it was also an exploration of the ability of physical mediums to freely express emotion through the uniquely identifiable human touch.

The piece is evocative of the chaotic nature of descent into mental illness. Noticeably, the protagonist of the piece is obscured and almost unrecognizable due to the manipulation. This depicts depersonalization, which is a detachment from one’s body.