My senior year of high school, I took a studio art course which allowed us to pick a "theme" and explore it through digital design. I focused on mental illness in the age of information, focusing on the contrast between the clinical side of mental illness and the practical side. I also explored themes of self-diagnosis and depression, and how those themes interact. This is a collection of 8 works that were submitted to the College Board and evaluated on a 5 point scale, earning all 5 possible points.
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Selected Works
This is spread I photographed and illustrated based on the movie, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." The movie focuses on a main character who frequently dissociates from reality and has vivid daydreams while the world continues to spin around him. He is completely present in his mind and at the same time absent from the "real" world, an idea that I used metaphorically in this piece.
This is a series of three images I created to represent insanity. I focused heavily on scanned textures with digital manipulation in order to create a sense of confusion and chaos.