As a student at Ball State University, I've had the advantage to take advantage of the many student media organizations on campus. One of which is Ball Bearings, a student-run magazine which publishes an online and print edition regularly throughout the school year. As a part of the social media and design team, I created some promotional materials and posts for our Instagram, as well as a page layout for the print edition.
Social Media Promotional Poster
This graphic was posted around campus as well as on all of our social media channels. The Fall 2020 issue included stories that had relation to color and how they affect us. Stories ranged from color psychology to the "lavender ceiling" which refers to the discrimination that LGBTQ+ individuals face in their careers. The issue present a fresh look at colors and the way they're used.
Print Layout
This spread, like the promotional graphic, was created for the Fall 2020 Print issue. I was given the raw text of the story and responsible for putting the elements on a page using the publication's layout and style guidelines. I also created the infographics from scratch, transforming this brilliant story into a visually engaging experience.
Magazine spread with colorful letters reading "The Science of Color Psychology"
Ledditor (Letter from 
the Editor)
I was also tasked with creating "Ledditor" posts for our editor, Sam Nower. Every semester we publish multiple "pods," which are groups of stories with a common theme. Each pod is accompanied with a short letter from Sam that explains the inspiration for the online issue, and introduces the stories. They're fun and casual, which I tried to capture in this design.
Letter from the Editor