Company Mission Statement
Bring artful, in-depth content to jazz enthusiasts in multiple mediums, and elevate the genre by utilizing engaging storytelling and artistic visuals that focus not only on the players, but also those who run the game.

Front cover of the magazine.

The table of contents for "The People Issue." Each significant figure is designed as a key on a piano

Spread for a feature story titled, "The Mother of Us All." Originally published by JazzTimes, this story talks about how Mary Lou Williams has been cut out of jazz history, even though she deeply and intimately influenced the genre.

Interior spread from "The Mother of Us All" featuring beautiful photography by William Gottlieb

Cover page for a Q&A-format feature story with Bill Frissell

Interior spread of a Q&A-format feature story with Bill Frissell

Media Kit

The cover of the media kit

The media kit was one of the first things that was assigned as a part of the project. It was an opportunity to establish our company's identity play around with layouts before diving deeper into each medium our company published in.

While media kits are meant to provide general information about the company, their primary objective is to explain the value of advertising to prospective companies. I tried to make that value clear in the media kit by using bold design and strong copy.

Demographic information is another factor that advertisers use while they consider purchasing advertisements in a publication. Presenting that information clearly is crucial to those decisions.

Branding Guide

Branding guide cover

Establishing the mission of the brand and the inspiration for the design style encourages designers to take calculated visual risks

Color and typography are two of the most important elements when designing a brand. I chose Typold for it's bold but distinct look when used at larger display sizes, and Source Serif 4 for its readability in body text.

Branding guides explicitly describe how to present the brand – but they can also be implicit. The layouts and image treatments designed throughout the branding guide are almost as powerful as the rules they're used to describe.